Financial Products

Freedom Solutions LLC makes IT finance easy and painfree with the relationship we have built with Presidio Technology Capital.

Technology leases can be complex and confusing, making the financing process more difficult, and often more expensive, than it should be. Freedom Solutions LLC partnered with Presidio Technology Capital makes it easy. All of the products and services we offer have been developed around a common theme: make leasing easy and economical. We know the IT business. We have been a reseller and lessor for more than 30 years. We understand that you have many choices for equipment suppliers and an abundance of lessors to choose from. And we know that the single best use of our unrivaled industry knowledge is to make the leasing process easy for you, our customer. The investments we have made in our people, our systems, and our partners combine with three decades of hard-won experience that we incorporate into every product we offer and every lease we write.

Whatever the IT solution you need — software, services and infrastructure — we can structure a financial solution that’s every bit as good for the CFO as the technology solution is for the CIO.

Today’s technology projects often take months to implement, yet many leases are not structured to take these new realities into account. This raises a key question: why should your company begin paying for the entire project months before you receive any value or benefit from the work? A core financial premise is to match the cost of a project to the benefits derived from that project. We can do that for you!

Freedom Solutions LLC partnered with Presidio Technology Capital can structure a financial solution that phases in, step-by-step, with your project implementation. This allows you to match your expenses with benefits gained. You can also mix any combination of soft and hard costs. In fact, with our partnership you can finance hardware, software, professional services, support, maintenance, and upgrades.

As an additional benefit, our leases usually qualify as operating leases (FASB 13). Off-balance sheet operating leases can enhance your ROA and ROE.

One additional aspect of complex technology projects is often overlooked – the financial management of the project. This includes auditing invoices and travel expenses, and managing the equipment delivery and the project implementation.

Invoices often include only pricing and part numbers, which can make it hard to understand exactly what you have received. With our equipment expertise, we can analyze that information to make sure everything has been received and the pricing is correct. We then pass that information on to you (in plain English) for your final approval.

When coordinating multiple vendors, you may sometimes find out the hard way that someone isn’t pulling their weight. This can delay or even derail the entire project. With our broad array of professional services, we can (and often do) step in to help get projects back on track.

Benefits to your company:

You are allowed to match expenses to the benefits they are receiving from a long-term project.
Freedom Solutions LLC partnered with Presidio Technology Capital manages multiple relationships for you, taking that burden off of your team.
You do not have to manage multiple lease schedules for one project.
Freedom Solutions LLC partnered with Presidio Technology Capital handles the invoices from all vendors, coordinating payment and delivery of the equipment.
Our Project Financing solutions are bundled transactions consisting of hardware, software, and implementation services. This allows all cost to be expensed over the term of the lease, rather than the implementation services being expensed in one large sum at the beginning of the lease.
As a bundled transaction, a Project Financing solution can qualify as a FASB 13 operating lease. This allows the lease to be an off-balance sheet transaction.
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