Consulting Services

Freedom Solutions offers Consulting Services in a wide variety of Advanced Technology solutions. Some of these engagements include security assessments, networking, system audits, and disaster recovery. All of our consulting engagements utilize personnel that are hands on senior level technical consultants with a minimum of seven years experience in their level of expertise. Because we focus on a core group of technologies, our consultants are able to maintain the highest level of technical certifications on the products and solutions that we recommend and support. Our engineers can lead projects or contribute knowledge and ideas in conjunction with your in-house team.

Our consultants complete numerous projects every year and they bring the accumulated knowledge base gained from the experiences to your projects. If you are looking for expert advice on precise execution, trust your next IT infrastructure project with us.

Faced with staff reductions and additional responsiblities IT teams are finding themselves in impossible situations. Without the benifit of the latest technologies it is increasingly difficult for organizations to keep pace with the competition. Freedom Solutions options range from fulltime operational assistance to hourly engagements.

Freedom Solutions LLC has Certified Technical Professionals in the following areas:

Help Desk Support – Microsoft, Sharepoint

Desktop Support Technicians

Field Technicians


Administrative Assistants – All Levels

Senior Project Managers

Project Managers

Technical Writers

Systems Integrator

Senior Business Analyst

IT Business Analyst

Senior Database Programmer – RPG, Visual Basic

Database Programmer – RPG, Framework

Applications Development

Senior Programmers


Senior Systems Analysts

Systems Analysts

Computer Programmers – All Databases

Systems Managers – All Databases

Network Engineers – IBM, iSeries, pSeries, AIX, UNIX

Computer Operators – All Databases

Database Engineers

Network Operations Support

Telecommuniations – Programmers, Analysts

PBX / IMAC Technicians

Database Administratiors – LAN, WAN, MCSE, Exchange

Database Warehouse Administrators

IT Security Professionals