About Us

Freedom Solutions LLC offers business process management solutions and expertise that drive dramatic performance gains. Freedom Solutions LLC helps enterprises optimize their business and operational activities. We apply outside the box thinking combined with business process management, automation and people to bring businesses new power, focus, clarity and profitability. We model business processes, identify opportunities for competitive advantage, and build automated solutions that promote knowledge management, supply chain collaboration, and real-time performance improvement (RTPI).

Designed around the special needs of customer and process-centric management, Freedom Solutions LLC solutions standardize, automate and present easy to use tools to run your business.

Our products and services are built on Microsoft.Net architecture and fulfill the special needs of companies in the following areas:

Cost control
Businesses expansion
Knowledge management
Business process management
Operations management
Value chain collaboration
Partner and client relationship management
Document management and workflow
Law office management
Intellectual property management

Our solutions allow enterprises to dramatically reduce costs, increase productivity and revenues, and expand into new global markets.